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Meet the Team

The following is the amazing team of volunteers who are bringing you the 2016 UC San Diego Women’s Conference:

Conference Co-Chair/CSW Staff Co-Chair

  • Rachel A. Cook

Conference Co-Chair

  • Dr. Sally Rafie, 

Programming Committee

  • Yvette Durazo
  • Amy Clay
  • Karen Perdion
  • Manisha Kanodia
  • Anthony King

Vendor Committee

  • Sue Custodio
  • Elizabeth Eddy
  • Jeanette Richards
  • Marina Bruce

Marketing Committee

  • Julia Partridge
  • Alice Zemljic-Harpf

Volunteer Committee

  • Gina Torgersen

Sponsorship Committee

  • Marie Sidney
  • Damarys Alicea-Santana

Facilities Committee

  • Melanie Fernandes


If you would like to volunteer for next year’s conference, please contact us here!