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4th Annual UC San Diego Women’s Conference (2012)

Keynote: Barbara Field, “The One Thing: Gaining Momentum when You Don’t Have a Moment to Spare”

Living a Purpose Driven Life

  • Robert MacPhee Founder & President of Heart Set, Inc & UC San Diego Alumni
  • MacPhee Video

Panel: Career Development/Empowerment: Advancing Career at UC San Diego

  • Panel Members: Panelists: Lori Guardiano­‐Durkin MSO – CER/CRCA/IEM, Marjorie Hardy Asst. Dean – Arts and Humanities, Therese Rymer Director – Emergency Preparedness
  • Panel Video

Food for Thought: Healthy Foods to Savor

  • Prevention and Control Program Food for Thought: Healthy Foods to Savor Vicky Newman Director, Nutrition Services for the UCSD Cancer Center
  • Food for Thought Video