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Meet the Team

The following is the amazing team that brings you the 2015 UC San Diego Women’s Conference:

  • Rachel A. Cook, Conference Co-Chair/CSW Staff Co-Chair
  • Briana Weisinger, Conference Co-Chair
  • J.V. Agnew, Volunteer Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Damarys Alicea, Sponsorship Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Sarah Andrade, Marketing Sub-Committee
  • Amber Berean, Programming Sub-Committee
  • Jackie Campbell, Facilities/Catering/Media Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Claudia Crespin, Facilities/Catering/Media Sub-Committee
  • Elizabeth Eddy, Vendor & Resource Fair Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Melanie Fernandes, Facilities/Catering/Media Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Karen Fisher, Facilities/Catering/Media Sub-Committee
  • Dr. Carol Franz, Programming Sub-Committee
  • Gwendolyne Guzman, Marketing Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Julia Partridge, Marketing Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. Sally Rafie, Vendor & Resource Fair Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • LaWanna Richmond, Programming Sub-Committee
  • Marie Sidney, Sponsorship Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Gayatri Singh, Marketing Sub-Committee
  • Tiveeda Stovall, Programming Sub-Committee
  • Gina Torgersen, Volunteer Sub-Committee Co-Chair
  • Cita Trueblood, Programming Sub-Committee/Registration & Survey Co-Chair
  • Elizabeth Yoder, Programming Sub-Committee
  • Alice Zemljic-Harpf, Registration & Survey Co-Chair


This year’s team was remarkable in that they were able to pull together a great conference with a very limited number of volunteers and time.  The Co-Chairs were active on all of the sub-committees and almost all of the committee volunteers were involved on the Planning Sub-Committee as well as other sub-committees.  If you would like to volunteer for next year’s conference, please contact us here!